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fax: +27 21 873 7244
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8 Industrial Street
Wellington 7655
South Africa


manufacturers of fruit juice purees and concentrates to international standards
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Boland Pulp was established 20 years ago and has been providing first grade fruit purees and concentrates to the local and international market ever since.

The state-of-the-art aseptic production facility is HACCP-approved, and has a capacity of more than 40,000 tons per annum. The product range includes guava, apple, peach, apricot, pear, berry, tomato and other products to customer specifications.

boland pulp product matrix:

Product Brix Capacity (tons)
Apricot 30 - 32° Brix 7,000
Peach 30 - 32° Brix 15,000
Pear 30 - 32° Brix 10,000
Apple 36 - 38° Brix 3,000
Guava - single strength 9° Brix 9,000
Guava 18°Brix 5,000
Tomato 20°Brix 5,000
Butternut - single strength 5.5°Brix 250
Sweet Potato - single strength 5.5°Brix 250
Strawberries - single strength 7°Brix 250
Youngberries - single strength 7°Brix 250



We are proud that we are 100% supportive of local growers and work together with fruit farmers of the area to realise a symbiotic relationship which has endured over the years.


Boland Pulp takes pride in it’s Boland roots and has invested in education in the region.
In particular we are involved in a school drive to encourage healthier eating from an early age.
With obesity becoming a cause for concern in our country, we feel that we can offer assistance
to schools by educating children about fruit and it’s benefits.


boland pulp exhibits at gulfoods 2011
Gulfoods 2011 Dubai Boland Pulp Stand Gulfoods 2011

The Boland Pulp Sales Team escaped the Cape Town heat only to discover the true meaning of summer in Dubai this February.

“The heat hits you like a wall when you arrive and I would love to say that you adapt quickly but that was not the case for me….Thank goodness for aircon!” said Liana van Rensburg who heads up New Product Development at Boland Pulp.  

Managing Director Fernando Lage was impressed with the organisation and level of professionalism at the show.

”I think that the South African showcase was spectacular and reflected the commitment of South African entrepreneurs to the development of industry in Africa. We thank The Department of Trade and Industry for their support and a special thanks to Dubai for the warm welcome.”  

See you all at Anuga!




Boland Pulp manufactures a range of gourmet products under our pure™ label, containing no preservatives, artificial additives or artificial colourants.

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